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Equities First Holdings – Hi-Tech Chronicle

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A company that specializes in lending, Equities First Holdings has a reach that is global. Offering many loans which are geared towards stocks, and also offering personalized financial solutions to potential customers,the company really means business. Noticing that EFH has been pushing out the numbers, take note of how they have facilitated more than 900…

Mike Baur Talks About Growing A Startup To A Big Business

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Mike Baur is a former bank manager from Switzerland who is now an independent investor and Chairman of the Swiss Startup Factory (SSUF). The SSUF is not only a venture capital firm but is also an institute that shows beginning entrepreneurs how to build a startup company into a big business and make a pitch…

Building Leisure, Roberto Santiago, And The Manaira Mall

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These are times of change, of adapting to a New Digital Age, of being in continuous busy and having less and less time to involve in leisure activities unless it is a need. Roberto Santiago knows that, and when he started with the Manaira Shopping Center, he knew that he wanted to make shopping not…

Selecting A Proven Course For Learning Stock Trading: VTA Publications

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Are you an investor making every effort to make money in the stock market? Trying to find a very good opportunity to accumulate a fortune in business or invest in a lucrative opportunity? Probably you are aware that Jim Hunt and VTA Publications have expert resources and training materials that help ambitious individuals attain their…

Nationwide Title Clearing and Providing Services

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The experts at Nationwide Title Clearing have been able to provide exceptional services to all of the people who need help with document processing and title research. The company has worked hard to build up a strong client base and this has paid off for them because they have many clients who are truly satisfied….

Mike Baur- not just an ordinary businessman

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Mike Baur is more than just a typical businessman. He’s also the Co-Founder & Managing Partner at Swiss Startup Factory, and is responsible for the fundraising and financing rounds. The company began its work in 2014 and the main goal for this company is to have a successful program that provides early stage startups which…

Why Are Construction Jobs The Beginning Of Development When Devco Is Involved?

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Construction jobs have long been seen as the catalyst for further growth around the United States, and Devco participates quite a lot in growth that begins with construction work. Construction workers are hired using loans provided through Devco’s good graces, and cities/counties in New Jersey are welcome to apply for loans at their leisure. This…

Kyle Bass Is In It For The Money

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Bass runs a pseudo-humanitarian organization called CAD, which stand for the Coalition for Affordable Drugs. The ostensible purpose CAD deigns to serve is the reduction of drug prices for those who require them for survival. CAD has been successful in lowering drug costs numerous times; but this isn’t their whole purpose. When a big-ticket pharmaceutical…

The Impact of IAP Worldwide

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IAP (Ingenuity and Purpose) is one of the top providers of technical services and worldwide logistics in the world. Currently they have close to 2,000 employees and operate in more than twenty countries worldwide. They seek out the most challenging problems from their customers and create a solution. To put it quite simple, they engage…

How To Get a Free AdWords Evaluation From White Shark Media

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White Shark Media is a leading firm in the digital marketing field. The company has managed PPC campaigns for a large number of businesses and online marketers. They have clients from all over the world and most of them are big spenders who generate huge profits from each campaign. If you desire to attract more…

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