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Brian Torchin Helping Companies Maintain the Best Employees

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Finding the best employees can often prove especially difficult. On top of this, it is often more difficult to maintain these employees. It is all about having the right connection between company and workers, yet this usually does not take place. It is why Brian Torchin runs HCRC, which is a top staffing company designed…

Eucatex Success Credited To Power Leadership

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When a company has good leadership they will often succeed. If that same company has exemplary leadership who are dedicated to seeing the company grow and thrive, chances are they will enjoy huge success. If that same company is led by a man who is an entrepreneur, lawyer, and mechanical engineer- well, let’s just say…

Russia Bans George Soros and Other Issues

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Russia has been on a rampage lately. Not only did it act aggressively against Ukraine, but it also banned George Soros’s Open Society Foundation for some unknown reason that was not really elaborated on. Russian President Vladimir Putin has decided that George Soros and his foundation for charity was a security risk. For one thing,…

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