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Dr. Rov Rand: Importance of Continuing Education In Any Field

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Dr. Dov Rand is one of the most renowned professionals in the medical and physical rehabilitation industry. He is the founder and CEO of Healthy Aging Medical Centers. Dr. Dov Rand is committed in providing his patients with the best and highest level of health care and he has been committed in the business for…

Tracing Robert Ivy’s Impressive Professional History

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Robert Ivy is a respected editor, architect, and administrator in the United States. At present, Ivy works as the Chief Executive Officer of the American Institute of Architects, a professional society for US-based architects. Robert Ivy started his professional career as a young entrepreneur running his business ventures. He founded and managed Ivy Architects, a…

The road to business success by Doe Deere

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Lime Crime is a cosmetics company that deals with the production and selling of male and female products. It was founded by Doe Deere who now operates as CEO of the company. Doe Deere is passionate about her ideas, this is evident from how she delights when providing cosmetics of high quality to her customers….


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Though this happened about a year ago, we feel it’s worthwhile to bring up again. How many of you remember a guy by the name of Stephen Murray. He’s the head guy behind Stephen Murray CCMP Capital. He might have even helped out some of you with your financial planning, if you lived in the…

Fashion Drama And Fun From Doe Deere

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Fashion is one way that people all around the world choose to engage in personal self expression. People like to use fashion to let out their own inner sense of personality and show who they are to the rest of the world. This may take the form of rules that people adhere to as they…

Talk Fusion Creates Videos That Help People Chat

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Talk Fusion is the creation of Bob Reina, and it is a video chat and email service that sends out the videos that people make when they are on the platform. Sending videos is very hard because their files are so big, and Talk Fusion gets around all that just by sending the videos regardless…

Brad Reifler: The Unique Serial Entrepreneur

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With more than 30 year experience in the field of forex markets and investments, Brad Reifler has become one of the most successful serial entrepreneurs. Reifler’s growth has been gradual over the years as he spent most of the early days establishing himself to the top. Recently, Brad Reifler founded the state of art Forefront…

Expanding Networks across the Globe

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Home to 3000 employees and multiple operations worldwide, Coriant aims to provide network solutions to network operators. While generating new-revenue services and developing multi-layered network resources, the company improves utilization and reduces complexity of accessing the resources. Overview of the company’s objective Coriant helps clients overcome the following challenges: – Manage trends in traffic and…


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