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ketship Public Schools: Transforming USA Education System

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Rocketship Public Schools for the past five years have redefined some aspects in the USA education system. The schools have adopted a collective approach to education, which according to education pundits was lacking in the mainstream education system. Rocketship Public Schools have therefore shown the world that education can accommodate parents as major stakeholders without…

Betsy DeVos Has a Lot to Say About Our Country’s Education System

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Most people in America know about Betsy DeVos because of her recent appointment as The Secretary of Education in President Donald Trump’s Presidential Cabinet. Betsy has a long background in regard to helping to reshape some of America’s educational systems as she has been a champion of the charter school movement as an alternative to…

Achievement of Eva Moskowitz in the Education Sector

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  Success Academy was founded by Eva Moskowitz, who also serves as its chief executive officer. Previously, Eva was working as a City Council member who abandoned her political ambitions in 2003. After quitting politics, she decided to venture into the charter school business in 2006. Ten years later, her venture has expanded to over…

Who Is Betsy DeVos?

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Betsy DeVos has been in the public service for decades and is widely known as a passionate education advocate. A resident of Michigan State, she has strongly advocated for education reforms and made significant contributions towards the cause. She is one of the few wealthy citizens to use her wealth to fund education reforms. She…

ClassDojo is Bringing Positive Reforms in the Education Sector

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ClassDojo has concluded yet another round of funding for its innovative app that promotes parent-teacher meetings. The company raised $21 million that will be used in incorporating more features into the app. By communicating on a daily basis throughout the entire year, the parents are acquainted of the behavior of their children and, hence, incidences…

Wessex Institute of Technology

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The Wessex Institute of Technology is an education and research institution located in New Forest National Park in the south of England, a national park filled with beautiful wildlife and picturesque villages. WIT’s mission is to change the way information is transferred between professionals and students within an industry. The Wessex Institute of Technology was…

Class Dojo Aims To Bring Together a Classroom Community

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In the 21st century, the issue of engaging parents and students in the classroom throughout the school years has become a major issue; however, a new app, Class Dojo, is now looking to make sure parents, teachers, and students are all able to come together using a downloadable piece of software that can be loaded…


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