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FreedomPop Has The Unlimited Cell Phone Services That Everyone Loves

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It can be challenging to find a cell phone company that has everything a person needs, especially if the person needs unlimited services on the smartphone that they use. Since the majority of people use smartphones these days, it’s likely that they’re going to want every service on their smartphone work, including data, text messages,…

Securus Technologies Responds to Issues Surrounding Patents

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Securus Technologies has been serving the correctional institution industry for many decades. The company has helped law enforcement, administrators, prisoners, and their family members alike. Recently, Securus Technologies choose to act as a watchdog for the industry. Addressing a matter related to a press release produced by the company Global Tel Link is one way…

FreedomPop Gives Users Even More Free Perks

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Most people that use FreedomPop are excited about the free WiFi that they are getting with this plan. It is even more exciting to now have access to WhatsApp – at least in Spain – even if you don’t have anymore data left for the month. FreedomPop is experimenting with this concept in Spain. This…

FreedomPop to Offer Reasonably Priced Global Hotspot Services

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FreedomPop is a company which specializes in the distribution of free to very cheap cell phone and data services. They have successfully raised over fifty million dollars to help fund their latest project, which entails selling a global hotspot. This move will make very cheap mobile data available on a global scale, rather than enforcing…


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