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Betsy DeVos, Education and Traction

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The controversial, Secretary of Education in the Trump Administration from Holland, Michigan, Betsy Devos has been a leading proponent of school choice and charter schools since her early years in Michigan where she served as Chairperson of the Michigan Republican Party. Her husband’s family became prosperous in Michigan, and nationwide, as the founders of Amway…

End Citizens United Fights Against Illegal Foreign Contributions In United States Election Campaigns

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It is not difficult for foreign nationals to circumvent United States political laws, and elections can be manipulated. The alleged intervention of Russia in Donald Trump’s 2016 election may be the perfect example considering, he lost the popular vote by well over three million votes. ECU, or End Citizens United has committed themselves to numerous…

Betsy DeVos Has a Lot to Say About Our Country’s Education System

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Most people in America know about Betsy DeVos because of her recent appointment as The Secretary of Education in President Donald Trump’s Presidential Cabinet. Betsy has a long background in regard to helping to reshape some of America’s educational systems as she has been a champion of the charter school movement as an alternative to…

End Citizens United Article

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It is clear that the United States government has a preference for corporations since they legally consider them to have more rights than individuals. Going against the grain, Citizens United is taking on the establishment head on to assure that the rights of citizens go over corporate favoritism. Over centuries’ worth of laws have been…


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