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Shervin Pishevar blames Fed for current unaffordability of housing

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Since the Federal Reserve began its quantitative easing and zero-interest-rate policies, the housing market in the United States has long since recovered from its 2008 lows, reaching new highs across much of the country. But this has not been good news for everyone. It turns out that when markets don’t grow organically, there are often…

GreenSky Credit staff

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The organization was established in the year 2006. Its founder is David zalik. The company is among the leading firms in America. It’s privately owned. The organization’s headquarters are located in Atlanta, Georgia. It has another call center in Covington, Kentucky. The company is backed by the leading investors in the world like Fifth Third…

Using Stream Energy to Save Money on Your Energy Bill

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Phantom Drain is a problem that every single owner of electronics has, but most have no idea what it even is! What it is, is your electronics continuously using electricity as long as they are plugged in. And it is driving up your electric bill! Stopping it can be as simple as using power strips…

Jason Hope, Jawa, and the Internet of Things

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If your career relied upon predicting the future of technology, how well would you do? Well, for Jason Hope the world waits on bated breath every time he takes to his work. Jason Hope is renowned futurist, a public speaker, and a published author. Hope’s focus has always been on tech trends and where they…


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